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SEXXDOLLS CO. is a TDF approved authorized vendor for many high-quality doll brands. All dolls sold by us are 100% real & authentic, from the original high-quality manufacturers. We are an online retailer based in the USA, with most orders shipped from our US location or produced and shipped straight from our manufacturers in China if we do not have your doll in stock. Please do not fall for scam sites that sell dolls for a really cheap price! They are guaranteed to be a scam and will send you a fake copy doll with very low quality and will not look like the doll shown in the website pictures! We recommend sticking with any TDF approved vendors like us! 
Lower prices does not always mean better.


Authorized Vendor for JY Dolls: https://www.jydoll.com/jydoll-authorised-resellers.html

Authorized Vendor for SM Dolls: https://www.sm-doll.com/

Authorized Vendor for HR Dolls: https://www.hrdoll.com/authorized-resellers/

Authorized Vendor for SE Dolls: https://www.sedoll.com/resellers/

Authorized Vendor for 6YE Dolls: https://www.6yedollglobal.com/buy.html

Authorized Vendor for IronTech Dolls: http://www.irontechdoll.com/detail/News-c2/Authorized_vendors-227.html


SEXXDOLLS CO. TDF FORUM: https://dollforum.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=402

SEXXDOLLS CO. TDF REVIEWS: https://dollforum.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=411




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