SEXXDOLLS CO. is an approved & authorized vendor listed on The Doll Forum for many high-quality doll brands. All dolls sold by us are 100% real & authentic, from the original high-quality manufacturers. We are an online retailer based in the USA, with most orders shipped from our US locations in Los Angeles, California, Fort Worth, Texas, and Orlando, Florida! For our EU customers, we also have EU locations in Germany & Spain. While some orders are produced and shipped directly from our manufacturers in China if we do not have your doll in stock. Please do not fall for scam sites that sell dolls for a really cheap price! They are guaranteed to be a scam and will send you a fake copy doll with very low quality and will not look like the doll shown in the website pictures! We recommend sticking with any TDF approved vendors like us! Lower prices does not always mean better.


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"My doll arrived without any damage or loose joints, not even a smear on her makeup. I received 2 heads (SM was running a special), 2 wigs, a little package they throw in (heating rod, comb, spare eyes, irrigators, gloves), and the doll. All perfect and precisely as ordered. Total time elapsed from payment to delivery was about 16 days. Not bad at all. In short, I'm totally pleased with my purchase and would certainly recommend giving a try on your next order."

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"I have many dolls already..some from TDF Authorized sites, others from good sites that aren’t TDF Authorized. I just bought 2 more dolls from first time purchasing from this site. Having now bought 14 sexdolls total, i would say that I will buy from this website again. Very nice customer service. Honest responses. Good selection of brands. Very good prices. Sezzle option (which I used for my 2 new dolls - kicks @$$ ! Got my dolls before I paid lol). Yes I must say I like this site and will use again"

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"Would I order from Sexxdolls Co. again? Absolutely. Are they legit? Yes. Do I recommend them? Yes. Don’t let their quiet TDF section fool you. Sexxdolls Co. is legit and reliable. Solid service all around. Whether it’s your first doll or 20th, they’re definitely worth contacting. I’m glad I gave them a shot, give them a try and you may be pleasantly surprised as well."

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" is absolutely the only site I will be using. If you are on the fence about buying from them, tip the scales in their favor. You will not find better support, and even pricing, on other legit pages."

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"As I said before, if you’re looking for a reliable vendor who listens and responds to your requests, SEXXDOLLS CO. is the one to pick!"

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"First time buyer and I can not recommend this company highly enough. Elizabeth was great to work with managing a custom order and always staying in touch with me.Prices are great and I received the product really fast."

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